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Most coffee lids are actually harmful for you

The dominant lids on the market are made from polystyrene, which contains styrene - a chemical linked to cancer, vision and hearing loss, impaired memory and concentration, and nervous system effects and more.  Check your coffee lid - if it has a #6 inside the triangle or the letters PS, it is made from polystyrene.  Drinking hot liquid through it can cause styrene to leach into your coffee.  Is that really what you want to pay for?  Styrofoam is a brand name for expanded polystyrene foam - if you don't like Styrofoam, you should know that your polystyrene lid is the exact same thing, without air blown into it.  

This article provides some more info about styrene and the harm it can cause. 

Plastic is terrible for the environment |

Our use of plastic disposables is wreaking havoc on our eco-system, polluting our water, killing wildlife and affecting our food supply. Recycling isn’t effective enough (app 5% is actually recycled), and an estimate 22 million tons of plastic enters the oceans every year.  It is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean.  In the U.S., we throw away more than 60 million coffee cups and lids in the landfill every day.  If we think globally and act locally, we can change this.  

Plastic is more expensive than it seems

It may seem cheap, but there are hidden costs - toxicity to our health and to our planet.  We encourage you not to use disposables whenever possible, but when you do, using (and composting) certified compostable products rather than petroleum-based plastics is a far better solution.  And far cheaper in the long run.  By shifting our behavior just a little bit, we can have a much lighter footprint and leave a better world for those who follow.      

Naeco = "ocean", reversed

We don’t just claim to be sustainable. It’s part of our ethos. We are partnering with organizations that are on a similar mission, too.  If you are involved in an organization that shares this mission, or are passionate about helping to change the world we live in, please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.